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I, the undersigned, hereby enroll my child at EarthKids Pre School and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement.

School Fees

  • Fees are payable monthly in ADVANCE over 12 (twelve) months.
  • Parents are required to select their fee option and all annual fees must be paid before 7 January.
  • All fees are still payable should the child be absent, fall sick, or be away for holidays.
  • Notification of any changes from half day to full day or vice versa must be given to the Administration Office in writing.
  • Children are required to attend school 5 (five) days per week. Should a child not attend every day of the week, you will be billed for a 5 (five) day week.
  • Should the parent elect to pay school fees monthly upon signature hereof the parent agrees that this is for a 12 (twelve) month period inclusive of all holidays and months where children are not at school for the full duration of that month.
  • Enrolment Deposit
    On enrolment, a non-refundable deposit of R1500 is payable, in advance, to Communitas Pre-primary Academy NPC (Pty) Ltd t/a Earthkids Pre-primary (hereinafter referred to as “The School”).
  • This fee secures the child’s place in The School. Signed enrolment forms create a binding agreement from the commencement date to the end of December each year.
  • Upon paying the deposit the child will receive a water bottle, hat, and bag ( all branded).
  • Payment The signatory/ies hereto, hereby consent/s to the payment of the tuition fees according to the terms and conditions stipulated in this contract.
  • Furthermore, the signatory/ies bind/s himself/herself/themselves to The School as surety/ies and co-principal debtor/s for the payment of all monies which may be due and payable as a result of this contract. 

School Hours

  • Although we accommodate and understand that there might be emergencies, The School closes at 17:30.
  • Should you fail to inform any teacher on duty that you might be late to fetch your child by 17:30 a penalty of R70 will be charged to your account for every 5
    minutes after 17:30.


  • In the event that The School is obliged to instruct it’s attorneys/debt collection whether for advice or to recover any amounts outstanding, and regardless of whether summons is issued or not, the signatory/ies to the agreement undertake to be liable for all legal/collection costs incurred by the attorney and own client scale.
  • A charge of R150.00 per incidence will be levied on all “refer to drawer”, returned to stop orders or other unpaid items.


  • The period of this contract shall be indefinite and may be canceled by the parent by giving 3 (three) full calendar months’ written notice to The School.
  • The notice period must be in writing.


  • Any disputes arising out of this agreement shall be determined by way of arbitration.
  • Any such arbitration shall be held under the provisions of the current arbitration laws being enforced in the Republic of South Africa provided that, this arbitration shall take place informally and shall be chaired by a practicing attorney or advocate of no less than 10 (ten) years’ experience.


  • The School undertakes to take all precautions to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the learners.
  • Without the guardian having the rights which he/she may have against The School in terms of the clause above, the guardian acknowledges and agrees to exempt the school, its employees, agents and representatives from any claim which the guardian or learner other than those caused through negligence of the school or its employees.
  • The guardian furthermore indemnifies The School against any claim which may be brought against it arising out of any act of omission perpetrated by the learner against any third person.

Medical Emergency

  • In the event of an emergency we authorise The School or responsible staff member to employ the services of an emergency service, medical doctor,
    hospital or other competent person, any cost for such service will be borne  by the signatory/ies.

Domicilium citandi et executandi

  • The guardian chooses his/her domicilium citandi et executandi at the
    address on the enrolment form.

POPI Policy Clause:
The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act in South Africa governs the processing of personal information and establishes the rights and obligations of those responsible for collecting and managing such information. 

Below is a sample clause that a pre-school may include in its privacy policy to comply with the POPI Act:

As Earthkids, we are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information
Act (POPIA), Act 4 of 2013.

1. Collection of Personal Information:
We collect personal information about our students, their parents or legal guardians, and our staff only for legitimate educational and administrative
purposes. This information may include, but is not limited to, names, contact details, emergency contact information, medical information, and photographs.

2. Consent:
By enrolling a child at Earthkids, parents or legal guardians provide their explicit consent for the collection and processing of personal information for the stated purposes. Consent will be obtained for specific activities that may involve the processing of personal information beyond normal school operations.
Futhermore, you consent / do not consent (select one) to the photographing and sharing of my child’s photos.

3. Purpose of Information Processing:
Personal information is collected and processed for the primary purpose of facilitating the education and well-being of the child. This includes communication
with parents, emergency response, and general administrative functions.

4. Information Security:
We take reasonable measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal information. Access to such information is restricted to authorized
personnel who require it for legitimate purposes. 

5. Third-Party Disclosure:
Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without the explicit consent of the data subject (parent or legal guardian), except where required by
law or for essential school functions such as communication and emergency situations.

6. Data Subject Rights:
Data subjects have the right to access, correct, or request the deletion of their personal information. Requests can be made to the Earthkids designated
Information Officer.

7. Data Breach Notification:
In the event of a data breach that compromises the confidentiality of personal information, affected data subjects and the Information Regulator will be notified promptly as required by law.

8. Records Retention:
Personal information will be retained only for as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, and in accordance with legal requirements.
By enrolling your child at Earthkids, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of this Privacy Policy. For any inquiries or
requests related to personal information, please contact our designated Information Officer.