Welcome to Earthkids

Founded in 2004

Breaking News!

Our EarthKids Primary School officially opened in 2019

(starting off with Grade 0)

 We are located in Crowthorne in Midrand, on a spacious premises that lends itself to having fun.

Our Passion

We are like a family where children, parents and teachers alike work together to uplift the child(ren).

 We support authentic family values and create opportunities for unleashing children’s potential.

We see every child as unique, and give all our children the attention they need.


We create a secure, constructive, socially interactive, loving and nurturing environment.

We play a lot, sing and dance, jump and shout, because at the end of the day – children must be children.

Our small classes, each with a teacher and assistant, care for a maximum of 16 children

Our baby centre is set in a true “home from home” environment

Our party venue is a place to have fun and create lasting memories.

It also makes our mom’s lives easier, ensuring the perfect party

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